It’s created pulp and paper division in partnership with Basf.

It starts the export of products for the treatment of water to Angola.

Partnership with BASF and LG Chem in project development and supply of equipment for the ETE, ETA, UF and OR for the treatment of water and effluent.

It starts the project of exporting to South America, commercializing our chemical product to processes of sugar-energy and water treatment.

New industrial structure. Increase of production capacity. Modernization of the Laboratories of R&D, microbiology and physical - chemical.

It starts with the Philbro partnership (antibiotics for the sugar-energy sector).

The development of new products for the industrial markets such as citrus, leather, refrigerators and specially paints where also reached the full range for its manufacture.

Extension of the line of products for various types of treatment of waters and effluents.

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Rua Paletrans, nº 400 – Distrito Industrial - Cravinhos (SP)
+55 (16) 3951.5080
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