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Focus on environmental liability. Alcolina contributes by taking all the necessary care within the manufacturing process in order to have the least possible environmental impact.

  • Selection of garbage and correct disposal of waste.
  • 100% of the treated effluent
  • Internal events of awareness of environmental preservation in various aspects
  • Development of products which cause the least possible environmental impact.
  • Environmental insurance and partnership with the WGRA - emergency care.
  • Quality Control ISO 9001

Alcolina’s responsibilities with security of the work environment

Alcolina recognizes the importance of providing their employees a secure environment and harmonious development for the execution of their tasks. For this reason, it invests in specific training and equipment to prevent accidents at work while preserving the mental health and physical integrity of them.

 Actions Taken:

  • Technical training and refresher training;
  • Safety manuals;
  • CIPA - Internal Commission for the prevention of accidents and Work Accident Prevention Week (SIPAT)

Quality Control:

  • Benefits of quality control for the customer
  • Satisfaction research with focus on the customer
  • Organization in the manufacturing process of bringing more efficiency and agility in production
  • Higher quality of chemical products
  • Greater control of processes, avoiding delays in delivery
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