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  • Elaboration of technical reports of microbiology in accordance with ABNT standards

The company has a specialized team in performing microbiological analyzes and tests for performance of the product that will be used in the manufacturing process. In addition to these differentials, is offered to the customer technical reports drawn up in accordance with the Standards ABNT, containing detailed information about the microbiological problem that the customer present, suggestions for improvements to its manufacturing process, the best product to be used to achieve excellence expected and the guarantee that with the valuation report your product was duly produced as existing rules protecting it from future difficulties.

  • Development of engineering projects and chemical products for various types of industrial segments:

Engineering is prepared to study about the customer and their needs. In face of the problems presented the team is studying the best chemical solutions or the creation of plants that meet the adequate needs for the customer.

  • The training of teams to prepare them for the use of products within the manufacturing processes.

When the client starts using the suggestions that were put to the process it is necessary that the production team understand these changes as an improvement, its importance and mainly how to use the product or work in a new plant correctly. Because the success of all this work in the search of quality of the final product it’s also in the hands of the labor which will be entrusted with the process.

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