Ethanol: Chemicals for process



It is a powerful antibiotics headed to control the levels of microbiological contamination in fermentation processes for obtaining ethanol. Has great efficiency on many groups of microorganisms, such as: gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, spirochetes, ricketisias, large viruses, protozoa and so on.

  • Anti-foaming for Fermentation

    Anti-foaming for Fermentation

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a specific formulation that acts with extreme

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  • Dispersant for Fermentation

    Dispersant for Fermentation

    CHARACTERISTICS Is a Dispersant highly concentrated of high performance using

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  • pH Neutralizing (ethanol)

    pH Neutralizing (ethanol)

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a neutralizing agent used in the correction

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  • Nutrients


    CHARACTERISTICS It is a product designed to be used as

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  • Anti-fouling for Column

    Anti-fouling for Column

    CHARACTERISTICS It is an efficient Anti-fouling products used for the

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  • Chlorine Dioxide

    Chlorine Dioxide

    CHARACTERISTICS DF 8804 this is a chlorine dioxide special for

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