Sugar: Chemicals for process



It is a broad spectrum biocide designed to be used in various types of industrial processes. The AF 7785 has excellent bactericide action on numerous species of micro-organisms, in particular the Leuconostoc mesenteroides, bacterial contaminants that produce organic acids and gums (Dextran) from sugars contained in the juice, the presence of these bacteria affect the quality of the sugar and industrial efficiency.

  • Clarification of Broth

    Clarification of Broth

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a composite of inorganic flocculent polymerized used

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  • Treatment of vegetal vapor

    Treatment of vegetal vapor

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a product which is used for the

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  • Conditioner of sludge

    Conditioner of sludge

    CHARACTERISTICS Product used to condition the sludge of decanters providing

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  • Anti-fouling for Evaporation

    Anti-fouling for Evaporation

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a product specially developed to act as

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  • Lubricants of mass

    Lubricants of mass

    CHARACTERISTICS It is an agent of viscosity reducer designed to

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  • Clarification of syrup

    Clarification of syrup

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a composite polyphosphate of cationic character used

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