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It is a polyacrylamide in emulsion, high molecular weight, anionic, used to assist in the separation of solids in liquid media. Can be applied to systems with a wide range of pH by promoting rapid settling with low volume of decanted. Has a great versatility in its use for various types of water treatment (Filter press, Water of soot, ETA, ETE, etc. ), forming flakes large and dense that allows a rapid and complete decanting.

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  • Clarification of Broth

    Clarification of Broth

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a composite of inorganic flocculent polymerized used

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  • Treatment of vegetal vapor

    Treatment of vegetal vapor

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a product which is used for the

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  • Conditioner of sludge

    Conditioner of sludge

    CHARACTERISTICS Product used to condition the sludge of decanters providing

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  • Anti-fouling for Evaporation

    Anti-fouling for Evaporation

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a product specially developed to act as

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  • Lubricants of mass

    Lubricants of mass

    CHARACTERISTICS It is an agent of viscosity reducer designed to

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  • Clarification of syrup

    Clarification of syrup

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a composite polyphosphate of cationic character used

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