Waters: Chemicals for process

Calcium Hypochlorite (ETA)

hypocal® tablet - was specially developed for use in the treatment processes and water supply distribution systems for human consumption.


In addition to all the advantages already mentioned hypocal® the tablets provide an excellent alternative technique for disinfection of process water, domestic wastewater and industrial wastewater oxidation, the use of hypocal® tablet further provides:

1) Absence of aerosols (fine powders);

2) Absence of insoluble;

3) Greater convenience for operators;

4) Reduction of losses that typically occur during the process;

5) Faster replacement product;

6) chlorine supply for a long time;

7) installation in remote locations or difficult to access;

8) It does not require preparation of solutions.

  • Coagulants


    CHARACTERISTICS It is an inorganic coagulant composed of primary flocculants

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  • Polymers


    CHARACTERISTICS AP 1600 is a polymer of high molecular weight,

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  • Odor Eliminator

    Odor Eliminator

    CHARACTERISTICS It is a product designed especially to neutralize / eliminate

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  • Alkalinizing


    CHARACTERISTICS It is used to raise the pH of the

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  • Corrosion inhibitors

    Corrosion inhibitors

    CHARACTERISTICS Product with excellent performance in the control of corrosive

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  • Inorganic and organic Dispersant

    Inorganic and organic Dispersant

    CHARACTERISTICS Is a multi-composite developed for cooling circuits, acts as

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